Friday, February 14, 2014

Editorial PLN redo

Our troops need to finish the job in Iraq and Afghanistan before they come home. This piece mostly explained that this was pointless bloodshed and there was no need to east American lives as we'll as Iraqi lives on the matter.  Also it shows the difference in the beliefs that the two presidents had about the war. President Bush was all pro war and ready to go on the matter and figured that the war was only going to take a month or two to end also he had the backing of an entire pissed off American nation after 9-11, but when the war lasted over a month and more and more American troops started coming home in boxes then he started to try and cover up the war by not going and visiting the troops and not attending funerals or decorations ceremony's. Then when his term came to an end then president Obama stepped up and started a new approach to the war he made it public to begin with he attended funerals and ceremonies as we'll as visited the troops over in Iraq and afghanistan and he also made it clear that we were not fighting a war against another army as we had been in war such as the Vietnam war or even the Korean War but we were fighting against a small group of people called terrorists which is not a actually an organized army but civilians who want to rebel against this government.  Also now that obama's getting out of office its going to be up the president about what's going to happen next.

I beleive that we need to finish the war in iraq before we pull our troops out of there.  I say this  because when we started the war on teriiosmin 2001 after the word trade center we were all ready to go to war and after all the men started to die and it seemed like this was going to be kinda of a long war then everybody eants to pull our troops out of iraq and end the war even after all we have lost all

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