Thursday, August 29, 2013

PLN 1 redo

The video “A vision of students today” by Michael Wesch suggests that without technology that is not advanced students in college and other grades will not be able to learn as well as with the up to date technology. The video states that most kids are also wasting there time on such technology like facebook and laptops students are not producing as high quality work of not even working at all. The video also states that students are being prepared for jobs that do not even exist yet and so if we do not continue to advance and move forward then those jobs won't be there and then the students will have no work.  The video also states that many students are several thousand dollars in debt for classes they won't attend and books that they won't read.  

I disagree with the idea that education isn't always relevant to a students life because if your are going to get a well paying job then you need a good education.  Education is always relevant to a students career and life.  if the student does not focus in school then when they get older they won't be able to get a well paying job to support their families.  when you want to get a good quality job then you have to make you education relevant to your life. Most jobs will hire you if you have a collage degree as opposed to if you have a high school diploma. Also you will get a much more well paying to with a collage degree and if you want/need to go to collage then you need to have the materials such as a laptop and smartphone and you need to have all of these items in the classroom and need to learn how to control the use of them. Everything that all students need to know is that everything that the need to learn is in a book some were the only reason that there is a teacher is because the students need a a way to learn it. education is always relevant in our lives especially if you want to go get a high paying job and be able to support a family and have a nice house that is why education is relevant to your life.